Contracts and Security

While our main idea was inspired by Universe, our contracts are entirely unique and hand-written from scratch, ensuring that our platform is secure, reliable, and free from potential vulnerabilities.
To further promote transparency and accountability, we will be making our contracts open source, allowing anyone to review our code and ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability, and mostly to check that there is nothing sketchy in it.
As our protocol evolves and grows, we will be closely monitoring its progress to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our users, especially since it is unique.
This is why we made our contracts upgradable. The Upgradeable contracts mean they are behind proxies which means they are mutable and their code can change over time.
With a new protocol with as much features as ours and requiring many updates, it is necessary for us to use upgradable contracts. That way we can easily resolve any issues or add new features without the need for redeployment.

Contracts :

  • $BRR Token : 0xD6E7c8af05d2d06A76811D44917613BDd258B995
  • Treasury : 0x45bcF42d3609Ec73346A65F21001a847abdE9930
  • Reward Pool : 0x0da1544b33E6e13452e609D7A4ed22494C6143f6