Scammer NFTs

NFTs Tier

A Scammer NFT printing perpetual rewards :

As mentioned earlier, our Scammer NFTs are the NFTs you receive in exchange for locking your tokens. Our Scammer NFTs generate perpetual passive income and are available in six different tiers, ranging from Tier 1 (featuring a low-tier scammer like Sifu) to Tier 6 (featuring a god-tier, undercover scammer like Powell). The higher the tier, the more expensive the NFT, but also the higher the potential rewards.
Our Tier 6 NFTs represent the rarest and most sought-after assets in our platform. With a limited supply available at the beginning, users will need to act quickly in order to acquire the highest NFT tiers. This creates a unique opportunity for users to engage in a sort of race to the top, with each NFT representing a higher APR, therefore bigger rewards. Additionally, the scarcity of Tier 6 NFTs will likely lead to increased demand on secondary markets, making them even more valuable over time.
It's worth noting that the distribution of our reward pool is not proportional across all six of our different NFT tiers. To ensure that our users are able to earn the maximum possible yield from their investments, we've carefully calculated custom APRs for each of our tiers. However, we've also taken steps to ensure that our reward pool remains sustainable and that rewards are distributed fairly across all tiers. Since our Tier 1 NFT is a requirement for selling on our platform, we've diminished the rewards for this tier in order to prevent dilution of the entire reward pool.

Minting an NFT :

The process of minting an NFT within the Brr Protocol is requires the utilization of $BRR tokens. Specifically, when one undertakes the task of minting or upgrading a Scammer NFT, it results in the burning of 30% of one's tokens. Additionally, a further 50% of these tokens are then allocated to the reward pool, while the remaining 20% is transferred to the treasury for the purpose of generating real yield. However, to avoid the price being too volatile we decided to make the first tier available for purchase using lp tokens. You will be required to pair your $BRR tokens with ETH in order to mint the first tier. Don't worry, our dev will make this simple and you will most likely be able to mint in one single transaction.
It is important to note that this system serves to increase the deflationary nature of $BRR tokens, as no additional supply is being minted in order to facilitate the distribution of rewards. Moreover, in order to sell $BRR tokens, it is imperative that one has already minted at least a Tier 1 NFT resulting otherwise in a higher sell tax (30%). Finally, after a certain period of time, participants are given the choice to either compound their rewards and upgrade to a higher tier or to remain within their current tier. In order to purchase the higher tiers, the user has to upgrade and mint an additional NFT once the cooldown is over. The previous NFT is then burned and the user receives the higher tier one.
Time Before Upgrading
Bonus APR (%)
50 $BRR
1h (30min for OGs)
250 $BRR
400 $BRR
600 $BRR
800 $BRR
1100 $BRR
Bonus APRs are obtained if the user upgrades without claiming once. The only way to keep your bonus APR when claiming is in Tier 6.

Trading NFTs :

NFTs will be available for trading in a secondary market. Users will be able to buy or sell their NFTs, according to their Tier but also the tokens locked inside. The tokens locked on each NFTs are on the NFT's ID and will be therefore transferrable. Let's say User A has a tier 2 with 500$ worth of tokens locked with a 1H cooldown before upgrading to Tier 3. He sells his NFT to user B. User B has now a tier 2 NFT with 500$ worth of tokens locked inside. He either has the choice to unlock those tokens and sell them or wait an additional 1h and to Tier 3.
Once minted, NFTs within the Brr Protocol will become available for trading in secondary markets. Users will be able to buy and sell their NFTs based on the tier and token value locked inside each NFT.
The tokens locked within each NFT will be assigned to that NFT's unique ID, which will allow for easy and secure transfer of tokens between users. For example, if User A holds a Tier 2 NFT with $500 worth of tokens locked within, but still has a 1-hour cooldown period before upgrading to Tier 3, they can choose to sell their NFT to User B.
Once User B acquires the NFT, they will then hold a Tier 2 NFT with $500 worth of tokens locked inside. User B then has two options: they can either unlock and sell the tokens, or wait for the additional 1-hour cooldown period to expire and upgrade to Tier 3.
This unique system of NFT transferability and token locking ensures that users can easily move between tiers and/or reduce their exposure at any given time without being restricted by cooldowns.

DAPP Preview :

Everything within the Brr Protocol will be easily accessible via our dApp, providing users with a comprehensive platform for managing their NFTs and monitoring their rewards 24/7. Users will be able to interact with their NFTs in a variety of ways, from upgrading and compounding rewards to unlocking tokens and transferring/creating new Scammers.
[Subject to change]